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Welcome to Kowloon Mosque in Hong Kong! Below is the link you can view the Kowloon Mosque from the sky and also you can visit inside too.

Hong Kong used to be one of the colonies under British. When British were ruling Hong Kong, they brought in many Indians to live and work in Hong Kong for British government. India was also a British colony at that time. In order to maintain all these new migrant workers, British government built different religious places for all these people.

In 1896, British built the Kowloon Mosque, at that time it was within the military camp area. In 1976, Hong Kong government decided to relocate the military camp but left the mosque there. In 1984, Muslims demolished the old Mosque and rebuilt this new mosque in the most expensive land in Hong Kong, TsimShaTsui, and the MTR (similar like the subway) is just right next to it.

Since the video has no English, so please take a look at the pictures below, so you will have an idea where to go. Meanwhile, if you have a hand-made box to hold your phone, you can have a 3D experience to watch the video too. Enjoy!

In the left hand corner, you can choose the places to visit

3D virtual tour:

DIY VR cardborad:

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